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Our Team

At BCR, we are proud of our team. We are senior-level consultants with an exclusive dedication to excellence. Our team has over 125 years of combined experience in the human resources, compensation and benefits areas, both from a consultant’s and a practitioner’s perspective. We feel this gives us an edge in understanding our clients’ specific needs and developing practical, cost-effective solutions.


Barb Manny

Barbara Manny / President
Barbara has over 25 years of experience in the compensation and employee benefits area. Her compensation expertise includes the design and development of base salary compensation programs, executive and management incentive plans, sales compensation programs and broad-based plans. Read More →

Mike Thompson / Consultant
Mike has more than 25 years of compensation experience. He has consulted in the design and communication of compensation plans for employees, executives and board members working in a broad cross-section of industries, including consumer products, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail and more. Read More →

Dyana ten Berge / Consultant
Dyana has 14 years of compensation experience that spans across a variety of industries including consumer products, medical devices, pharmaceutical distribution and hospitality. She specializes in developing compensation programs that are both market competitive and linked to business goals and performance. Read More →

Aarthi Rao / Consultant
Aarthi has more than 10 years of compensation and benefits experience in developing, implementing and administering base pay, incentive and executive compensation programs and practices. Prior to consulting, Aarthi was a Sr. Executive Compensation Analyst with Tribune Company, where she worked on executive compensation plans. Read More →